Outside:Inside Festival

What’s This All About Then?

The Outside:Inside Festival is a month long celebration of the arts interaction. Music, Film, Art, Theatre and Dance are all showcased throughout the festival period amongst the festivals inside and outside spaces. The Concept? Simple. Relationships. Music and Art in relation to their surrounding, explore their relationship with the audience, buildings, regenerated spaces, old and young, old and new. Musical genres intertwine and create their own interactive relationships. Electronic Dance music sits with World Traditions, art sits with music. One big happy family…or is it?

2010 Line up

Many many wonderful acts performed at Outside:Inside 2010…. here are a few…

dan le sac Vs Scroobius Pip, does It Offend You Yeah, Justin Robertson, Pete & The Pirates, Radioactive Man, DJ Derek, Metronomy Dj set, MC Slater, Stopmakinme, Pete Wheeler, IDRchitecture, Soweto Kinch, Son Of Dave,  Jaymo & Andy George, Benin City, Midimidis, Worship, The Disablists, Grimus, Sixty Watt Bayonets, Scubaroots, West Reading Galaxys, Hugh Turner, Amy’s , Ghost, Jive Aces, Jake Morley, Amabuthu, Twomanting, Lympopo groove, Paul Jordanous Big Band, Big Trains Haymaker, Jemma Willard, Alexandra Legouix, Sanjuro, DJ Dom, Trombosis, Ronnie Joyce, Boogie Woogie Braves, Klaus Says Buy The Record, Jack Abraham, AF Harold, Musa Okwanda, Joshua Idehen, Ibetya, White House Studio DJs, Beatroots, Matt Tanner, The Quotes, Dolly & The Clothes Pegs, Jac Bon Cochon, Christopher D Ashley Dj set, George & Olly, Monkey Suit Djs, Ian Manson, Paul Hamer, Steve Norris, The Green Man, Paul Hills, Peter Dixon, Larry Brangwyn, Karen Stener, Dirty Tricks Syndicate, Jelly Org ( Arts Org), Andy Fowler, Too Many Skinheads, Matt Sever, Africa Junction, Miners Club, Off The Radar, Brickworks Poets, Ed Lofstead, 100 Bullets Back, All Things Considered, Scattered Few, Cats N Criminals, Johnny Virgo, La Mort Subite, Kangaroo Court presents…, Caleb Lindsay.